5 Style Secrets to Look Skinny in Everything

Posted Wednesday November 2, 2016 9:47 PM GMT
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Ladies, it can be done – you can look skinny in everything without working out and eating right. We've created the perfect style guide to spill little-known tricks to help you look slimmer – whatever your body type. Whether it’s apple, ruler, hourglass, or pear shaped, follow our figure-flattering tips to hide those problem areas. You’ll look long, lean, and fabulous in no time! Seriously, why diet?

Tip #1: Go Monochrome
Sticking to one hue can lengthen your body, making you appear taller and thinner. The trick is to pick tops and bottoms in one color to create a continuous vertical line. You can also wear shades of the same color, strategically placing the darkest piece where you want the most prevailing slimming effect. On the flip side, avoid stark contrasts between your upper and lower body since they draw attention to your mid-section.

Tip #2: Invest in 2 Things: A Structured Jacket and A Pencil Skirt
Find a curve-flattering pencil skirt (we love one that’s not too skintight) that will emphasize the hips and make your waist appear smaller. This piece creates an extra-slimming look, and the best part? It works with all body types! Pair it with a structured jacket that has crisp straight lines and narrow lapels to counteract excess curves to give your form a slender and polished appearance. Whether you decided to don these items together or apart, their sleekness becomes yours.

Tip #3: Streamline Your Shoes and Legs
Another skinny footwear idea? Match your shoe color to your legs – it’s a must in the secret-style handbook. Coordinating tones elongates your bottom half, making you look taller and slimmer. While this trick will add inches to your legs with knee-length and mini-skirts, be warned: The skin tone shoe hoax only works with bare legs – never try it with tights or light pants because it will likely give you a short and stubby appearance. If you must, wear pumps that are a shade or two lighter than your feet. On the contrary, if you have darker skin, pants, or tights, put on some dark shoes.

Note: Look for a great stiletto with skinny heels and a pointy toe – it works to extend the narrow silhouette of calves, making your legs look slim and thin.

Tip #4: Define Your Waist
Belts are the perfect way to accentuate your curves or even give the look of them. A universally slimming trick for all shapes is wearing a garment with an empire waist. Although some women are hesitant to belt anything for fear of drawing the wrong attention to their mid-section, controlled proportions above and below the belt actually helps to define your figure. It can cinch inches off your mid-section and give you the hourglass figure we all desire. Also remember: wider belts opposed to skinny ones will make you look smaller!

Tip #5: Wear Classic Black Ensembles
That B in LBD is the secret key to instant slimification. Perfect for all body types, dark colors recede and take inches with them – on top, bottom, or both. Whenever in doubt, opt for a head-to-toe classic black ensemble. You can also maximize your closet’s slimming potential by layering dark colored sweaters, cardigans or sheer shirts under lighter ones. We guarantee you’ll look 10 pounds lighter.

Styling Tip: No matter how glamorous that new dress is and how skinny it makes you look, your whole image can go awry by wearing the wrong undergarments. Don’t let that oversized-bra or too-tight panty disrupt your overall look. We advise you to invest in Spanx or body-shapers that will smooth bulges while lifting your breasts and backside. Trust us, even the skinniest of women use these helpers. Shapers with extra-firm tummy control work well under sheath dresses and pencil skirts. Follow these tips, and you'll look skinny even on a fat day.

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