The Secret to an Awesome Wardrobe: Get Rid of Your Clothes (Yep, That’s Right)

Posted Wednesday February 20, 2013 6:00 PM GMT

Getting dressed should be a simple task, yet we wake up staring into our over-cluttered closets thinking, “I have nothing to wear.” Is it true? Do we really have nothing to wear? Or are we just overwhelmed by everything we don’t want to wear?

New York Times best-selling author and “Today” show contributor Jill Martin says it’s not that we have nothing to wear, but rather, we have too much to wear. Her new book co-authored with Dana Ravich, “The Weekend Makeover: Get a Brand New Life by Monday Morning,” asks women to do something slightly shocking: donate, consign, or give away 75 percent of your clothes in one weekend.

Before you stop reading, answer this: How many pairs of blue jeans do you own, and how many do you actually wear? T-shirts? Shoes? Jackets? The truth is, when it comes to clothes, many of us have hoarder tendencies. We push the same ensembles to the side every morning and make up stories in our head about where we’re going to wear them. But do we actually wear them? No. Why? Because they’re not our favorite items, and if we don’t love them, we won't feel our best wearing them.

“We're not looking to change the world in a weekend,” says Martin. But “you can’t underestimate how important some of these things are. Once you simplify your wardrobe, you have so much more time in the morning.” Having fewer options also forces you to be more creative with your outfits and accessories, which extends your style, she adds.

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Tackling a cluttered closet isn’t all Martin wants you to do. Each chapter of her upcoming book gives women the tips and tools to revamp different areas of their life — from diet, workout and beauty routines, to relationships, traditions and your brain (we’re curious about that one, too).

Start small, she says, “There are so many things in your life you can’t control, and these are the things you can. After you clean out one part of your life, you’ll want everything to be better … all the way down to your purse.” It won't be easy, but come Monday morning, we might agree.

Be sure to check out her new book, The Weekend Makeover: Get a Brand New Life by Monday Morning," hitting stories March 26, 2013, and tune in to QVC on Friday, April 12 at 8PM (ET) to see Martin’s stylish line created to keep life clutter-free.

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