Biotherm Visits the Sea

Posted Wednesday January 2, 2013 10:53 PM GMT
Photo Credit: Biotherm

Biotherm has launched a worldwide search for new ingredients to improve upon their already-stellar product line.

General Manager Patrick Kullenberg told WWD that his company believes the key to great formulas can be found in the earth’s aquatic resources, “What we’re doing is not a revolution but more of an evolution. We’re really trying to get back to our roots.”

Kullenberg also cited French biologist Jeanine Marissal’s use of plankton from Molitg-les-Bains, France in the brand’s initial offerings. “The Gallo-Roman warriors would go there to soothe their wounds. So using our knowledge of that, we wanted to look into other aquatic ingredients that could be complemented with the plankton to bring us more efficacy. It is a vision for the next chapter in the brand.”

He adds that, "It is from the depths of living waters to the depths of the skin. It represents our vision of skin care, which is going deep to find new ingredients, working deep in the skin but also a holistic approach to beauty.”

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