Essie's New Gel Service Won't Damage Your Nails!

Posted Sunday September 1, 2013 5:00 PM GMT

Essie just got a whole lot more ex-gel-ent!

The nail brand announced that come October, they’ll introduce their first professional gel service in a range of 36 colors.

But that’s not all. The brand dug deep to find a solution for a gel polish that doesn’t ruin your tips. “We did a lot of research and saw the number-one issue was that gel manicures leave nails in a poor condition. As much as [Essie Gel] was about nail care and conditioning, it was also very much about our color authority,” explained Gerald Densk, Essie’s general manager.

Essie’s gel polish claims to last for 14 days and contains keratin, which offers vitamins B5 and E to condition nails.

The salon service, which will include a pre-color nail cleanse, base coat and top coats, and a 15-minute gel remover if needed, will cost an affordable $35. “We believe our LED is the best around. It is 25 percent more powerful than its competitors and was designed to offer a consistent curing process across five fingers,” added Densk.

Due to its gel formula, colors won't be an exact match to the original polishes, but they're still just as fun! New names will correspond with old ones, for example Ballet Slippers is Dance Class in gel. “Essie has unique colors, names and equity. [We felt] consumers were looking for Essie in a gel service,” explained Densk.

We’re on the edges of our seats to try out the new system and see if Essie once again, breaks the boundaries of nail polish. The service can be found at nail salons and bars that carry the Essie brand this fall.

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