Why One NYC Hair Stylist Ditched Chemicals for an Organic Approach

Posted Wednesday May 22, 2013 2:17 PM GMT

In the midst of a competitive hair styling market, Mauricio Cifuentes ditched the chemical-laden world for an environmentally friendly approach. He opened up his own salon in New York City called Mauricio Hair Studio Privato, and became a certified organic stylist and product specialist. By utilizing gentle alternatives, Mauricio caters to the heath-conscious, yet beauty-obsessed community. We caught up with him to talk all things organic hair.

Why did you decide to go organic?
As a hair stylist, my role goes beyond hair styling — awareness and integrity is key. This means understanding the needs of my clients’ hair and its problems, then properly treating it with ingredients that nourish and beautify it without compromising their health.

What ingredients in hair products can be dangerous?
Most hair products use harsh chemicals like ammonia, formaldehyde, sulfates and high concentrations of PPD's to deliver 'effectiveness,' but they can also cause allergies, skin irritations, damage to the hair during the coloring process, and compromise the environment.

Does an organic product mean it’s 100 percent chemical-free?
Organic means that products must have mostly natural ingredients derivatives — at least 85 percent.

Chemical products can pose a threat to pregnant women. Do you get a lot of expecting moms?
We get calls all the time from pregnant women who want to look good without harsh chemicals.

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Protein treatments are one of your most popular services — can you tell us about them?
Your hair is made of proteins and moistures. When you color your hair and use chemicals, they strip out the natural oils, proteins and moistures, resulting in dry, lifeless and over-processed hair. Protein treatments are specially made to add back those lost nutrients. One treatment will typically last about four to six weeks.

Do you think organic hair care is here to stay?
Right now, everybody thinks going organic is a trend, but it’s way more than that — it’s a lifestyle. Everyday people feel more conscious about what they want to put into and on their bodies. There’s a shift in consciousness and the need for more of these products — companies are now reinventing their approach, especially in the beauty and food industry.

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Is it hard to compete with the bevy of salons that use chemical products?
It is but it’s worth it. Someone has to start and I am happy to bring something different to the table that will benefit my clients and also be an inspiration for the other hairstylists who wants to do it.

For more on Mauricio Hair Studio Privato or to book an appointment, click here.

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