Giorgio Armani Bashes Miuccia Prada

Posted Wednesday June 5, 2013 7:06 PM GMT
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Giorgio Armani has made his qualms known about Milan Fashion Week in the past, and now the iconic designer has revealed his hope for changes in the event going forward. Armani voiced his opinion on only allowing Italian labels to show in the European city — hoping the exclusivity will, in turn, make the event as successful as the New York and London showings are.

He announced he would personally host a show for a young Italian designer at his theater in Via Bergognone every year. First up: Andrea Pompilio, winner of the Who's on Next talent search.

“It’s time to act, to show that we are doing something for young designers,” said Armani. “We need concrete actions to support Italian fashion, initiatives that give more strength and a feeling of novelty to Milan’s fashion week.”

However, not all designers are hip on the idea. Miuccia Prada has been showing Miu Miu in Paris since 2006, and has no plans of stopping anytime soon. She presents Prada in Milan a week prior to PFW, but says she must keep the shows in separate cities to allow for enough prep time in between the two.

"Miuccia is in the studio day in and day out and into the night,” said Prada Group's CEO Patrizio Bertelli. “She creates the shows and follows every aspect, it is materially impossible to create two shows a couple of days apart ... If there were another show a week later — she'd go there!"

Armani retorted with, "Someone said there was not enough time to produce two runway shows during the same week, but this is a motivation that does not [satisfy] me — I do it."

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