Missoni Jr Talks About Missing Father

Posted Thursday January 10, 2013 4:50 PM GMT

Continuing coverage of Vittorio Missoni’s mysterious disappearance earlier this month, the Missoni family is still holding out hope that the Italian fashion mogul will turn up alive.

Missoni’s 28-year-old son, Ottavio, told press, "My father will come back; we are waiting for him. I am not speaking with my head but with my heart.”

He continued, “A plane cannot vanish in this way, on a short route, without leaving any trace ... I remain convinced that the least plausible reason is that they crashed into the water. My uncle Luca, in Venezuela, has also confirmed that these planes are capable of sea landings in case of emergency."

Meanwhile on the business side of things, a source at the Missoni label shared that things are moving forward as usual, and there’s been no talk of replacing Vittorio in the unlikely event that he’s not recovered. "There is no succession plan in place. Nobody expected this to happen."

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