Tim Gunn Reacts to Project Runway Over-Exposure Incident: "It was vulgar"

Posted Thursday July 18, 2013 5:26 PM GMT
Photo Credit: Getty Images

In fashion, sh*t happens. Whether it’s a side boob, a see-though shirt or a broken zipper, we’re used to seeing too much. But when we came across the indecent exposure in “Project Runway's” season 12 premiere, we were … a bit taken aback.

In case you missed it, 28-year-old Russian-born designer Sandro Masmanidi’s getup failed to fully cover the model’s frontal area. His “early 20th century aviator look” for the Unconventional Materials Challenge used too little of the chosen parachute fabric. “At least we know the model’s a girl!” one contestant joked.

The judges were baffled by the design. Klum bluntly called it a “disaster,” while Zac Posen said it looked like a “mocktopus” and “a slutty cat toy.” We’d describe it as, a hot mess.

What did the reputable Tim Gunn have to say? We chatted with him to find out.

“Oh geez,” he said. “Don’t make me go any further.”

Well, we did.

“It was vulgar and it should [not happen],” said Gunn. “There’s no excuse … it’s offensive to everyone — the judges, the audience, everyone.”

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He continued, “I think this is more of a consequence of time than anything else — and the length of the item of apparel just got out his hands, literally and metaphorically.”

Despite the fiasco, Sandro was not voted off the island. The judges saw potential in his sewing abilities and chose to give him a second chance.

Gunn told us he speaks with Sandro about the incident in the following episode and said, “it’s a good thing.” Stay tuned to find out the repercussions of this fashion faux-pas and be sure to check out our in-depth interview with Gunn where he let us in on how he used his new “save" power.

In the meantime, check out “Project Runway” season 12 Thursday nights at 9 p.m. EST where we’re sure Sandro will continue to spice things up.

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