Victoria's Secret Goes Toxic Free

Posted Thursday January 24, 2013 2:00 PM GMT

While the phrase “to die for” is merely a figure of speech, Greenpeace has raised concerns over toxic chemicals used in the fashion industry.

One brand fighting to keep you safe? Victoria’s Secret. The lingerie giant just committed to stop using hazardous, potentially cancer-causing materials in their production practices.

In their Toxic Threads report, Greenpeace declared that the VS has “little or no policy or program for chemicals management, and no commitment to zero discharges.”

A rep from the activist group noted, “It’s not clear (or provable) that these chemicals harm the US consumer who wears the clothing, but it is clear the release of chemicals into the environment at the point of manufacture has a harmful effect on nearby communities.”

In response, Limited Brands SVP Sam Fried stated, “Limited Brands considers clean water as a critical global issue, and is proud to join Greenpeace in its campaign to eliminate hazardous chemical use.”

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