PRODUCT REVIEW: me Smooth Elos At-Home Hair Removal System

Posted Tuesday June 4, 2013 7:27 PM GMT
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PRODUCT: me Smooth Elos At-Home Hair Removal System

PRICE: $395 (Replacement Cartridge: $50)

THE CLAIM: The me is the only at-home hair removal device to use patented elos technology that is clinically proven and FDA cleared to be safe and effective for all skin types and tones. It’s gentle, easy to use, and takes just minutes a treatment. To ensure permanent hair reduction results (89 percent terminal hair reduction after 7 treatments) you must follow the steps of 7 treatments with intervals of 1 week. Sometimes more than 7 treatments may be required, depending on the person.

OUR TEST: I had been waiting to get laser hair removal for quite some time but I was never ready to pay the price — both in dollars and pain. When I came across this reasonably priced at-home kit that promised to zap my bikini hair for good with minimal to no discomfort, I thought, “It’s way too good to be true.” Right?

Wrong. This device is amazing! I used it on both my underarms and bikini line for the recommended seven weeks and saw about a 70 percent hair reduction. While I'm not completely bare, the hair that does grow back grows thinner and more slowly (making upkeep a wiz).

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The first step to using the system is to shave and dry any area(s) you’ll be treating. Next, you turn on the me device, select the low energy level setting, and if you experience little or no discomfort or reaction (which I did not), you raise the energy level to the medium or high setting. I used the high setting for the majority of my treatments. While using the device, the cartridge emits pulses, flashing a blue light. At every flash, you glide the applicator slowly to the next spot (like shaving in slow motion). Treating one underarm takes just two minutes. I didn’t see any results until the fourth or fifth treatment (which initially made me think it wasn't working), but by the seventh week I experienced a dramatic difference.

VERDICT: I absolutely love it! But if you buy this machine expecting it to remove all your hair, think again. As Dr. Paul Frank, Board certified Dermatologist and Dermatologic Surgeon said, “Hair removal in general is really hair removal reduction.” Furthermore, he added, because of safety standards, “They’re not going to put powerful-enough technology to get rid of all your hair in an at-home device.”

While I agree with Dr. Frank’s assessment, I think this at-home system offers advantages a doctor simply cannot. For one, convenience — you don’t have to book appointments or schlep to the doctor’s office six times for treatments. For busy women — which most of us are — that’s huge.

If you want total hair removal, you can seek some of the latest professional treatments like the High Speed LightSheer Duet, which, according to Dr. Frank, takes about five treatments to get rid of about 90 percent of the hair. But if you’re content with an estimated 70 percent removal over a period of 7 weeks, we recommend the at-home kit.

UPDATE: I have continued using my me Smooth for touch-ups and have experienced about a 90 percent hair reduction. Bye bye bikini hair!

(And because we couldn’t resist sharing, for $50, you can buy a new cartridge for the same device, making the machine safe and effective to be used between family and friends. How’s that for a deal?!)

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Note: This review was based on one subject’s trial. Results may vary.

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