Wrinkle-Free Skin? Reach for Copper, Says Kiehl's

Posted Friday January 4, 2013 6:18 PM GMT
Photo Credit: Kiehl’s

When it comes to skincare, is copper the new gold? According to Kiehl’s — one of the oldest skincare brands in the world — it is.

The 160-year-old brand is kicking off the New Year with a powerful line of anti-aging moisturizers, that utilize this unexpected ingredient.

Why copper? The chemical element isn't naturally found in the skin, and by adding it to skin cream, Kiehl’s says it can “help form, protect and strengthen elastin, serve as a protective antioxidant, and improve the skin’s moisture barrier.”

They even say the moisturizer has been clinically proven to improve elasticity in the skin by one-third. “The importance of elastin can be overlooked in wrinkle-smoothing treatments, even though elastin is integral to providing structural support to the skin.”

The new wrinkle repair line features three different moisturizers: a basic wrinkle reducing cream ($52), a wrinkle reducing cream with SPF 30 ($52), and a wrinkle reducing eye cream ($42).

So if you want an ageless glow, reach for copper – not gold.

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